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Math is Everywhere

A perfect setting for any teacher would be to have kids working in a small group using specific vocabulary to describe their understanding and throw in some targeted Kagan Strategies into the mix after a <mind blowing> lesson plan was nailed and magically learning happened - cue the fireworks and confetti right! WELL, WELL, WELL... if that doesn't sound exactly how each day functions in ... Read More about Math is Everywhere

Agendas to Keep it All Organized

The start of a great lesson plan is the PLAN itself - am I right? It is difficult to start since you have to dedicate time each week to keep it up - BUT with simple structure, things REALLY can come together beautifully! I am a huge advocate of incorporating organizational skills in the classroom. I repeat to my students throughout the year... Organization is the KEY TO SUCCESS - as ... Read More about Agendas to Keep it All Organized

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